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A comprehensive set including many pieces and accessories for creative play with large models


Magformers Expert Set has the most pieces of all Magformers sets. It comes with Carnival, Emergency and Heavy Equipment parts. Children can create a variety of models at once.


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Basic Shapes

Triangle X 64
Square X 60
Isosceles Triangle X 24
Rectangle X 16
Pentagon X 12
Hexagon X 8
Diamond X 16
Trapezoid X 16
Super Triangle X 8
Super Square X 16
Xl Triangle X 30
Xl Square X 28
Xl Rectangle X 8
Xl Hexagon X 4
Xl Diamond X 8
Xl Trapezoid X 4

Basic Accessories

Insert Square X 40
Ferris Wheel Base X 1
Ferris Wheel Side X 2
Ferris Wheel Y-Shape X 2
Ferris Wheel Axle X 1
Ferris Wheel Circular Parts X 2
Single Wheel X 8
Wheel X 8
Boy Square X 1
Girl Square X 1
XL Hinge X 1
Cylinder Connector X 1
Arm Connector X 2
Diamond Connector X 2
Siren(Construction Accessory Set) X 1
Construction Figure X 1
Police Figure X 1
Siren(Emergency Set) X 1
Ladder Holder X 2