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A comprehensive set including many pieces and accessories for creative play with large models


Magformers Mastermind Set comes with magnetic pieces, including basic and curved shapes, as well as basic accessories (wheel, propeller, antenna, carnival and house) for you to easily and simply create detailed models.
This set allows anyone to enjoy Magformers.


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Basic Shapes

Triangle X 20
Square X 30
Isosceles Triangle X 4
Rectangle X 4
Pentagon X 2
Hexagon X 2
Diamond X 4
Trapezoid X 4
Arch X 2
Sector X 4
Super Rectangle X 1
Super Arch X 4
Oval Sector X 2

Basic Accessories

Propeller X 1
Antenna X 1
New Rotate Block X 2
Ferris Wheel Base X 1
Ferris Wheel Side X 2
Ferris Wheel Y-Shape X 2
Ferris Wheel Axle X 1
Ferris Wheel Circular Parts X 2
Click Wheel X 2
Boy Square X 1
Girl Square X 1
Window Single X 2
Window Double X 2
Balcony X 2
Brick X 6
Window Grid X 2
Tree X 2